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About Us

Joel "Talmadge" Morgan and Ruth "Larue" Morgan, natives of White Plains, Alabama, and Valdosta, Georgia, respectively, created a life, family, and legacy in Miami, Florida. Together, they had and raised three children. The youngest of the three, Vanessa, and her daughter, Crystal, have come together to keep their name and values alive.

Talmadge and Larue had amazing entrepreneurial spirits. Owning and operating a business as a handyman, Talmadge spent many years working throughout Miami, helping others. Larue, known as the neighborhood candy lady, prided herself on not only selling treats to the local children, but you could guarantee she'd leave you with a gem of wisdom as well.

It is with those ideas in mind that we've formed Talmadge Larue. A business dedicated to making handcrafted skincare items that are good for your skin, but that also provides you with gems of wisdom that make your soul feel good.

You could buy body care items from any number of companies, but when you shop with us, we hope to make you feel like family. We hope to give you the same warmth we received in the hugs from Larue, and the quality Talmadge was known for providing.

Thank you for trusting us with your most valuable organ--your skin!

With Gratitude,

Vanessa + Crystal